23 Feb 2016

Are you in need of something from our bar equipment suppliers, but you’re not able to make an outright and expensive purchase in your current situation? There’s no need to worry – our rental service has you covered!

We’re top bar equipment suppliers that have made sure that we’re more than ready to provide the finest rental service no matter what, aiming to supply a tremendously flexible solution to getting your hands on the finest stock we have when you’re limited either by budget constraints or time. With no minimum contract and a wide variety of fantastic prices from £7 per week upwards, plus a low initial payment that guarantees you won’t ever be breaking the bank to get the essential appliances you need, there’s definitely a rental deal for everyone waiting here for you at our bar equipment suppliers!

You’ll be getting two regular services per year to ensure everything is in order, as well as no charge for delivery, installation and even on spare parts should something be unexpectedly awry. What’s more, you won’t have to pay any call out or labour fees, as you’ll have the option of returning anything you get from our bar equipment suppliers at any time and you’ll always be able to claim any rented appliances against tax if you’d like.

So drop us a call! Getting in contact allows you to tell us all about the specifics of your situation, allowing us to work out the very best way that we can be of service and meet your every need and requirement. As a leading bar equipment suppliers we offer nothing less than the most bespoke approach no matter what, especially when it comes to providing flexible rentals that work for you.

Simply make DK Services your number one choice for bar equipment suppliers, and you’ll find that we’ll be able to get you everything you need before you know it. You can find our contact details online, so don’t wait to get in touch as soon as you can.


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09 Feb 2016

Glass washer rentals sound like a fantastic idea right off of the bat precisely because they do exactly what their name might suggest, and because no-one wants to be stuck washing dishes all day when things get busy and their attention is needed elsewhere, but their real strength lies in shouldering the burden of work so you never have to get stuck doing menial tasks better suited to bar equipment like that our glass washer rentals service can provide.

Featuring innovative design, huge capacities and incredible standards of reliability to ensure that you’re never left without the essential helping hand offered by our glass washer rentals service, you’ll never regret investing in the fantastic range of glasswashers we have to offer. What’s more, our expert team will always be on hand to ensure that every appliance you order from us will be installed and fully set up completely free of charge, helping you get up and running as soon as possible.

What’s more, while our glass washer rentals present a fantastic way to get your hands on the latest bar equipment at a fantastic rate which works especially well for temporary leasing, we’ll always offer you the ability to purchase any appliance outright if you just couldn’t do without your chosen piece of equipment or you’ve simply taken a liking to how it plays a crucial part in your day to day working life.

At DK Services, we have an outstanding range appliances and products perfect for running your very own bar, so what’s stopping you from getting in touch with our bar equipment suppliers and discovering all of the top quality appliances we have on offer? Our stock is incredibly comprehensive, including our popular glass washer rentals service, and getting in contact has never been easier. Don’t wait to let us know all about what you need!

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02 Feb 2016

Here at DK Services, we’ve been in the business of providing the most reliable bar equipment Manchester-wide for a while now, and so we’re speaking from experience when we say that the best kinds of appliances are those that can really help take a load off of your shoulders on a busy day.

Take our dishwashers and glasswashers for example, because let’s face it; no-one enjoys having to carry out that kind of work over and over again. We reckon you’d enjoy it even less when you have orders piling up and you find yourself struggling to keep up while cleaning glasses behind the scenes. Fortunately, bar staff never have to worry about handling menial tasks such as cleaning glasses, and that’s precisely because of top quality bar equipment Manchester-wide like the glasswashers we’ve got waiting in store for you.

All of the products in our range of glasswashers are ideally suited to shouldering the workload of even the busiest days, handling large quantities of individual glasses and producing an incredibly quick, thorough turnaround that you’re sure to feel the benefit of only a short while after investing. The same can be said for our fantastic selection of dishwashers, if you happen to own a bar or pub which serves food on a regular basis, so why not take a look through our full range of bar equipment Manchester-wide to find that certain something perfect for you? We definitely have something for everyone!

When it comes to supplying the very finest bar equipment Manchester has to offer, there’s no-one better than the team here at DK Services to get you what you need at a fantastic price. Make sure you don’t delay, and get in contact with our team either by way of a quick phone call or an online enquiry via our website. We’d love to hear from you and get you something special from our stock of bar equipment Manchester-wide!

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