25 Apr 2016

A Choice That’s Clear as GlassWhile a high standard of quality is needed to run just about any bar, pub or club smoothly and without problems, glass washer rentals in particular can be incredibly useful. Especially when you consider the ease by which you can get your hands on top quality bar equipment perfect for taking a load off of your shoulders time and time again, the benefits should be immediately obvious. Nobody wants to be stuck washing glasses by hand when there’s customers that need to be served and drinks waiting to be poured in kind, after all, so it should be immediately obvious as to why having a tireless appliance that won’t stop working can be such an invaluable aid.

With tremendously high standards of reliability, innovatively designed features and huge capacities ready to deal with even the largest quantities on a busy day, our glass washer rentals promise appliances that will never leave you without the essential helping hand needed to keep your bar running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Our glass washer rentals are the ideal way to ensure you can get your hands on the very latest bar equipment at a highly competitive price that won’t break the bank, but did you also know that you’re more than welcome to purchase our stock outright? If you really grow fond of a certain appliance, there’s no reason you can’t make a purchase and continue to benefit from a regular schedule of maintenance courtesy of our expert team. Pick up the phone, and let us know what you need!

Here at DK Services, we’re experts when it comes to providing a tremendous range of appliances and products perfect for guaranteeing that you’ll be able to run any bar, pub or club without a problem. Just make sure you get in contact as soon as you can, as we have a stunning selection of glass washer rentals and other incredible bar equipment just waiting to be discovered.

14 Apr 2016

bar equipmentLooking to get your hands on the finest bar equipment around? Do you need a range of top quality appliances, but no deal or offer has quite seemed right to you yet? Why not come and have a look at what we here at DK Services have to offer in the way of bar equipment that won’t let you down?

We provide a range of innovative rentals options, as well as the option to purchase any bar equipment that you really like, but it’s because of our ability to provide comprehensive cover and an unbeatable standard of service that so many people pick us as their number one suppliers. With our expert team of seasoned professionals on your side, you can expect to receive two regular services a year to make sure that everything stays in working order for as long as it can do, though you can always feel free to book extra callouts if you feel as if your appliances require a little bit of seeing to before a small issue becomes a big problem.

Here at DK Services we believe in making everything as easy and convenient for you as it can be, which is why we’ll never charge for the delivery of your chosen bar equipment and spare parts will always be provided free of charge should something go awry with an appliance. What’s more, you won’t have to pay call out or labour fees when we come down to provide maintenance, and you’ll always have the opportunity to return any bar equipment at any time.

More and more people are choosing DK Services to provide everything they need and more in the way of top quality bar equipment that you simply wouldn’t get anywhere else, so why wait to get on board and join our ever expanding base of clients and customers? We’ll certainly have you covered every step of the way.

What’s more, it’s never been easier to get in touch with our team and take the first step towards getting something special from our range of bar equipment, provided courtesy of a service and a team that will always keep you covered long after everything has been delivered and put in place. You can find our contact details on our website, so why wait to let us know what you need?

12 Apr 2016

ice makersAre you ready for the summer? We know it hasn’t been a particularly warm spring so far, but it’s always worth looking ahead – certainly if you’re like us and you just can’t wait for the sunshine to arrive. Additionally, if you own a bar, pub, club or any other kind of establishment that serves drinks, summer is the perfect time to stock up on bar equipment Manchester-wide and get ready to serve tasty, ice cold refreshment to anyone that needs it!

But how do you ensure that your drinks will always be cool and ready to go on a hot day? Ice makers of course!

As top quality suppliers of the best bar equipment Manchester has to offer, every single one of the ice makers that we have in store is ready and waiting to exceed your every expectation thanks to a host of innovative design features and reliable automation to ensure that you’re never left without a completely fresh supply of ice at any point during the working day. Our ice makers will always handle even the largest quantities of ice production no matter what, so you’ll never have to worry about giving them too much to do!

What’s more, while our full stock of bar equipment Manchester-wide is packed full of absolutely incredible appliances that will never let you down, we pride ourselves on the top standards of customer service by which we’ll be able to deliver your ideal ice makers and more in no time at all. Our team will make sure that you always have a source of comprehensive knowledge ready to shed light on any issue and provide insightful answers to your questions, so you’ll never be left in the dark.

We’ll always be around to provide regular maintenance and emergency repair work, too, so you can rest assured knowing that we have you covered no matter what! So what are you waiting for?

If you find yourself in the market for ice makers perfect for adding a much needed cool touch to your refreshments and drinks when summer hits and temperatures rise, make sure that DK Services is at the top of your list. You can always find our full contact details on our website, so don’t wait to pick up the phone and get your hands on our top quality bar equipment Manchester-wide today!